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Review of A Butterfly in Paris
by Suzy Davies, Children's Author & Poet

"The world-building in this book is superb, and it comes from the author spending six months in Paris to research the factual background to the story.

"As I read, I felt a deep, atmospheric sense of place. There was a great feeling of "point of view" throughout, and the idea that a city is interpreted through the unique vision of the eyes of the beholder."

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“Matt has so perfectly captured the joys, tribulations, and lessons this team experienced in a wonderful children’s story. You will cheer for Tabouli, cry with him, and want to hug him for being such a remarkable dog; giving unselfishly, not just once for his owner, but over and over again.”

“Today is a very good day -- for I have just finished reading Matt Pelicano's latest book TABOULI. If you love dogs you must read this book; if you love your family you must read this book; if you have ever lost someone you must read this book -- and finally; if you believe in the resiliency of the human spirit you must read this book!

"In an attempt to bring awareness to those in need of Alert dogs Pelicano has achieved that and much more. The unwavering trust based on love between dog and human is indisputable and this is proven again in this story but beyond that TABOULI demonstrates the exquisite beauty of family love that carries us through grief, disappointment, and fear. I was moved to tears of both joy and sadness as the Vaughan family deals with the challenges that any one of us might face.

"Matt Pelicano has written a truly beautiful book. It is a book that might be described as a story about the best parts of the human condition. The Vaughan family reacts to their new puppy this way: "It was as if they'd found something precious, without even knowing they'd been searching." My thoughts exactly about this book!”

Philbert LaRue had a Hole in his Shoe by Matt Pelicano begins with Philbert deciding to ignore the hole in his shoe. As the hole gets larger and larger, Philbert plugs it with his shirt, his cap and his belt, even the pot his plants were in. Nothing works. Had he fixed his shoe properly when he discovered the problem, Philbert would have been fine. But the hole gets larger, and Philbert finds himself in a terrible situation.

"Pelicano uses Seuss-like rhymes to create a delightful children's book with a message even little ones can learn: Take care of your problems when they are still small. My nieces and grandchildren laughed, finished the rhymes, and wanted me to read it again.

"You will find Pelicano's book a delight---and you'll agree with Philbert: "If I'd properly fixed it/when first it was small/I would sooner have found/ I'd no problem at all."

"A delightful and hilarious book about the dangers of taking shortcuts in life. I don't know what I loved more -- Matt Pelicano's Seuss-like rhymes or Ashley Spikings' perpetually surprised sun.

"Philbert LaRue is a fun and funny character!"

"I wondered why I was chosen to review this children’s book. Then I remembered the pair of shoes (one with a hole) that have been riding around in the backseat of my car for months now. LaRue’s plight literally touched my sole.

"Matt Pelicano authors this delightful tale, echoing Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein in his playful use of verse. Lines like, “He sat there just shivering in the cold autumn air; with his shirt in his shoe and the rain in his hair; with his hat on his toes and his saggy old pants; and a pot on his foot, from his favorite plants” will enthrall small listeners. How does Philbert get into these predicaments? Children may not understand the phrase, “A stitch in time saves nine,” but they will be able to anticipate disaster for Philbert with each new crazy method he employs. His hilarious mishaps will hopefully help them learn to search for more sensible solutions.

"Illustrator Ashley Spikings cleverly includes an observant sun, a companion cat, and other concerned creatures, keeping children engaged on every page. This is a great read-a-loud for youngsters who like to laugh and adults who love the sounds of children’s laughter."

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