A few words about me



My music is a diary and a catharsis, a hobby and a way of life, a passion and a staple of survival. I've been writing for 30+ years and each note is a memory, each chord an emotion, each beat a moment in time.

I'm a father, a young widower, an entrepreneur, a friend, and a seeker. I was born in the North, lived in the Middle and moved to the South. I've written my life in poetry and music, tattoo ink and time, my children and their memories. Now I simply want to seek and find that which is good, true and beautiful.

Thank You

Thanks for visiting my site and listening to my music. I hope you've found a voice in my lyrics, a stirring in my melodies or just a welcome break from the world. Most of all, I hope I've been able to share something for your enjoyment.

Textures of harmony


Samples of Music by MATT PELICANO - Enjoy!


depths of melody




Soft Rock

My love, like many times before, so many times, I wonder why The shadow on your door, never takes the shape of mine And still I don’t know

Inside, between the lines I’ve drawn to mark the sides defining me I’m reading well beyond the meaning I had found in me ‘til you came around

My love, your lunar tides they pull my ocean close to overflow I’m rolling on the waves of tender pains that come and go On the four winds that blow

Inside, you travel ‘round and ‘round But never seem to touch the ground I gaze upon a face, a lonely place that no one found ‘til I came around

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Deep Blue Tide

Deep Blue Tide

Soft Rock - Jazzy

Such strange eyes, what a wicked way to look
And I’m hardbound, ‘cause you read me like a book
Such strange eyes, shoot me down with your glare,
Build me up with your stare
And I’m falling into the Deep Blue Tide

Such strong words from careless lips,
what a thoughtless way to speak
Leaves me trembling and breathless,
when they brush across my cheek
Such strong words, dripping blue
with the sound of my heart going down
And I’m falling into the Deep Blue Tide

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Have To Be

Have To Be

Soft Rock

Rolling out of town
I’ve got the top down
It’s like I’m driving through the valley
In between insanity, reality

And everyone says I’m crazy
Everyone says it’s true
Everyone says I’m crazy
Over you
I’d Have To Be

Turning off the highway
Of my old ways
Familiar with the rhythm of the road
That bruised my soul those years ago

Sign up ahead
Reflectively, it said to me,
“You may never fully reach your destination;
Too little time for all the miles At your speed.”

I wish I could put it off for another day
I wish I could pass the miles of monotony another way
I wish I could clear my mind
I wish I could set my senses right
I wish there was something I could do for me

Listening to the sound Of my engine
Pistons pumping, Wheels are spinning ‘round
This half-life beast will bury me

You’re the way and I’m the means
You’re the answer to my needs
You’re the river, I’m the sea
You give everything to me
You’re the moon and I’m the tide
I’m the seek and you’re the find
You’re the whisper in my ear
You’re the sigh and I’m the tear
You’re the word upon my lips
You’re the softest fingertips
You’re the face that haunts my dream
You’re not always as you seem
You’re the laughter, I’m the smile
I’m the straightlace, you’re the style
You’re my final destiny
You’re the only one for me

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Deep Blue Tide

Red Rain


Fell, on the wind
Beneath the warrior star
Beyond the dunes
Across the ocean, afar
It lingers A moment at bay
I hear it say…

Any port in a storm
Any wage to buy my trade
I unleash the dogs of war
I unsheathe the soldier’s blade
I’m a friend to many foes
And I’ll answer any name
I will till the killing fields
I will sprinkle them with rain
Red Rain

Far beyond the rising sun
I follow it ‘til the evening’s come and gone again

In the pale of a crescent glow I reach
Stemming an endless flow that seems
it’s red like sin
Strewn like pebbles in its wake
Are the lives that only blindness could take
They don’t look back
They don’t look back

I’m a whisper in your soul
I’m the face to many fears
I will linger in your mind
I’m the shadow ever near
I will twist all truth to lie
Find my likeness in your pain
I will wander killing fields
I will sprinkle them with rain
Red Rain

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